At York Solicitors we passionately believe that when facing litigation clients need robust legal representation that can protect their interests. Our experienced litigation lawyers are well equipped to deal confidently with various litigation matters covering civil litigation, insurance disputes and money laundering.

If you are in a dispute with another person or organisation and you are thinking about taking legal action against them, York Solicitors in Ilford have the appropriate team and framework to support your matter.

York Solicitors offers in-house alternative dispute resolution services to both private individuals and organisations. Our solicitors and lawyers believe in securing the best possible legal solution for our clients and the court does encourage to find resolutions at any stage.

At times, it is not always possible to resolve a matter through alternative dispute resolution. Under these circumstances York Solicitors civil litigation lawyers without delay prepare to protect our client’s interest and offer vigorous representation for any court action.

While preparing for a court hearing our team of lawyers work relentlessly on legal strategies towards solving the matter that fits with our client’s interest. When necessary we also call on and work with a number of reputable barristers to further support our client’s litigation matters.

York Solicitors in Ilford offer specialist litigation services in the following areas;

  • Civil litigation
  • Insurance disputes
  • Money laundering