Money Claim Matters

If someone owes you a sum of money, York Solicitors in Ilford has various legal mechanisms in place to support you towards recovering the money you are owed. You may have to go to the High Court or Country Court to recover your debt at which point again there are different legal options towards enforcing a judgement.

Our solicitors and lawyers have vast experience in matters of such nature and always try to go the distance to recover money that our clients are claiming by exploring all legal proceedings available in the UK’s legal system and applying the relevant ones.

Attempting to settle claims early is usually advisable and High Court proceedings are usually complex and can take a lot time. Nonetheless we look at each matter individually and take swift actions accordingly by providing clear legal advice to our clients.

One of our usual first step at York Solicitors when it comes to Money Claim Matters is to initially look and offer a detail assessment of your case. The following step could be around establishing the paperwork trail that we can put together to build a good case for you.

Out team of Solicitors and lawyers have experience to work out the best possible strategy to recover the money that you are owed. We also have excellent links with UK wide barristers that we collaborate with regularly should your case come to that and we support you firmly with County Court and High Court representations too. To further discuss your matter with our in-house solicitors and lawyers get in touch today via our Contact Us page.